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Trump’s contempt to other’s Sovereignty



As a fait-accompli, basically diplomatic negotiations between two countries are supposed to be carried on the basis of the principle of “quid pro quo” .which means a tacit notion of a bilateral reciprocation for a given favor.

But Trump seems to apply his innate “street smart” pose in implying that you must kowtow because I am a bigger boy at any negotiation with other countries.
I trust that there has never been any nation which is more meddling and interfering in political principles of other nations than Trump’s regime.
Shutting out from access to SWIFT is the usual means Trump implements for giving pressure to or threaten its alliance nations.
SWIFT which is located in Swiss is the official institution for international transaction of US dollars.
Therefore, suspension of transaction of the key currency through SWIFT paralyzes financial functions of major banks and industries in the world critically.
For the purpose for veering political directions of other nations to estrange from the countries whom Trump regards as his enemies, freezing the financial transaction is his favorite means for extorting other governments.
The very problematic issue is that his perception on enmity to specific nations is not always necessary matches to the notifications of leaders of other nations.
For instances, except USA and its cohort, Israel, Saudi Arabia, no countries seem to have profound hostility to Iran as much as Trump expects. Cuba as well.
At the same time, for the USA, China has been regarded as the toughest rival to vie for global hegemony in this century. However, all of the major nations except America seem to observe the rise of China more objectively as an inevitable consequence.
In order to eliminate the level of advantage of American Dollars as the international key currency, China is likely to strive for establishing a stronger position of Yuan for international dealing through CIPS, which is an International bank to bank payment system.
Through this institution, China, Russia and Iran have begun trading for oil deals already.
Other nations including Japan or Germany also seem positive for joining the deals through CIPS now.
Russia, at the same time, has been switching its reserve of US Dollar to Gold gradually.
China and Japan might recognize the same necessity.
If Trump keeps to try controlling other nations arbitrarily by the force of the US dollars, and if Trump keeps printing Greenbacks for covering the swelling deficit of the national budget for culling favors of the electorates by reckless tax reduction and big spending for mending the debilitating infrastructures, the fate of Dollar may be doomed to follow the way of downhill that Sterling plodded before.