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Character is destiny



This is a caption in a recent Time Magazine.
Following this caption, it mentioned that a man’s temperament , knowledge and
integrity shape his conduct inevitably.

The magazine said this mantra is quoted by those who are classified as “Never Trump”.

Even though his unsophisticated character had been revealed by a series of his misconducts such as his contemptuous quips to women and the suspicious connection with Russia during the 1995 Presidential elections, this time, the threat of impeachment seems much intensified as the Ukraine’s scandal has been closed up.

The situation has turned to be much critical when a series of government officials have defied the edict of White House that the Administration would not comply with the impeachment inquiry. They are willing to testify of what they witnessed
in the process of Trump’s contacts with President of Ukraine in the belief that these acts are definitely wrong doings.

In particular, William Taylor, acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine clearly voiced his criticism over the fact that Giuliani who is Trump’s personal lawyer had maneuvered in Ukraine for the sake of Mr. Trump.

Aa Article 11,Section 4, of the United States Constitution warrants impeachment of a President that the President shall be removed from office for the acts of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors, “ Never Trump” side insists that Trump infringed Constitution by three impeachable acts, such as his effort to persuade Mr. Zelensky to open an investigation into his political opponent (Mr. Biden) on the basis of quid pro quo. By doing this clandestine negotiation, he is criticized that he invites the risk of interference by a foreign power with democracy of the United States due to his privately owned favor to a foreign leader.

He is also guilty of “ bribery”. In his released phone call to Zelensky in which he offered Javelin antitank missiles in exchange for the favor of Ukraine’s opening investigations into Biden’s son. Besides, he held back aid to Ukraine, $ 391 million security assistance which Congress had already approved in an effort of giving pressure to President Zelensky into announcing investigation of Biden.

As the third offence, obstruction of justice on the basis of his trials to cover up these two high crimes should be regarded as a critical misdemeanor.

In fact, in Nixon’s case, this offence over obstruction of justice led to Nixon’s impeachment .

As the counterarguments from the “Pro Trump” side, even if President Trump’s words on the call with President Zelensky that implied quid pro quo would be illegal, as long as he did not mention explicitly “ do me your favor” or “ here is the deal”, including his intentional withholding of aid to Ukraine which had been executed eventually, Democrats attempt for achieving the impeachment will end up with the arguably flawed legal theory.

In addition, the removal of the President from office has to be proceeded with a determination of a two third of majority in the Senate which also seems to be unfeasible in realty. 

As the initial caption quoted, if character is destiny, even if he would be able to stave off these scandals, in view of his innate character, he will never end his continual disgraceful, impulsive and murky conducts as the President of the United States for another two years, but hopefully, not for six years from now on.